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1 November 1971

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A portion of my entries are friends only. I'm weird that way. It's nothing personal, really. Frankly...it's probably stuff you don't want to know anyway. ;)
23, 3d art, 42, abnormal psychology, applied ethics, arabic food, aristophanes, aromatherapy, arsenic and old lace, babylon, ballet, bathing, bathtime, bible, bill hicks, botanical, britcom, cartoons, cats, cervantes, chaucer, civil liberties, coffee, comics, computers, conspiracy theories, constitutional law, cookbooks, cooking, creative writing, critical theory, cthulhu, dead sea, discordianism, discworld, doonesbury, drugs, economics, editorials, essential oils, ethics, euripedes, fairy tales, farms, fiction, fiction writing, floral, fnord, folk tales, freya, gardening, george bernard shaw, george orwell, gnaw club, gonzo journalism, graphics, herbology, history, human nature, humor, impressionists, information warfare, investing, jane austen, john shirley, joseph campbell, journalism, lebanon, libertarianism, literature, loki, london, lotions, meme hacking, memes, memetics, metafilter, milton, monty python, museums, mysticism, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neil stephenson, noam chomsky, norse eddas, organic, oscar wilde, pagan, paganism, peace, philip k. dick, philosophy, pirates, political commentary, political science, politics, potions, propaganda, psychological operations, psychology, psyops, publishing, reading, roald dahl, robert heinlein, science fiction, semiotics, slacker, slackers, soaking, soap, soapmaking, socrates, sophocles, storytelling, subliminal, technopaganism, terry pratchett, things that go ding, tolstoy, torah, transhumanism, trollope, victorian literature, voltaire, william gibson, william s. burroughs, william shakespeare, words, writing

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